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Thursday, 18 Jul 2019



Irregardless for company plans or personal needs, we want you to know we will ‘help’ you, and more
importantly, we want to work with you to ‘get’ what it is you want.

As a ‘Buyer’, you can no longer rely on a single channel to source your needs. JONFACTORY.COM
is a multiple-country channel sourcing agent, determined to outperform our competitors in delivering
a cost effective solution for you without compromising product qualities.

As our ‘Client’, we want to assure you that we are in the business of forming long term partnerships.
At JONFACTORY.COM, we know we must work hand-in-hand with you to progress ahead of the
current business world, where competition is fast and very fierce.

OUR PARTNERS include China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Get rid of the hassle of un-clear inter-country import duties, various customs compliance regulations,
Messy documentations and the issue of international logistics. Hidden import costs.

Contact JONFACTORY.COM today for all your ‘sourcing’ needs.





It is in everyone’s best interest to continuously expand by forming new alliances and improving existing
channels of supply & distribution. ‘Globalisation’ has brought us closer than ever by negating geographical
boundaries and different time zones. We want to embrace this with our partners. Together with our
‘Partners’, we can be bold enough to tackle new product options and challenge new innovations.

With our established strong networks within multiple global marketplaces, we will be strong enough to
embrace previous geographical barriers.

Thereby offering you a greater diversity of choice.

Through partnership systems, JONFACTORY.COM

As a product distributor, we have to ensure that the products we are distributing are innovative and
non readily available in the local market.

Further, it is also very important to us that our suppliers are reliable and that their products are
consistent in quality.

We understand that at times outlets are unable to handle volumes that are too high, which is why
JONFACTORY.COM together with its partners are here to share the risks with you. Our current
partners are based overseas and as such they will not be posing as a direct competitor to our local friends.

Our staffs are friendly & helpful. We invite you to come and meet us today and join us in distributing
JONFACTORY products. Spread the word and feel proud that people are talking about ‘our’ products.

Please check on our website for more up to date information on new products & PARTNERSHIPS.





Our honesty & integrity moves towards establishing ‘goodwill’. And it is this honesty that has attracted our
current retailers. We work hand-in-hand with absolute honesty and form long term friendships along the way.
We are a family network !

Our network will be growing constantly, please visit our site on a regular basis to keep a brief on our
participating partners who are within your neighbourhood.

Our product sales always seem to be limited by what is available in the country.

Why continue to sell what others are selling? When you can open up your options of retailing the latest
innovative products in your market, with us.