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Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019
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Renovation Works How Do We Create Value in our Properties ?

The holding company behind JONFACTORY.COM is a property investment company. Its primary task is to create value in the properties that it invests in. One of such task is to renovate its properties into a piece of investment that is sought after by investors and potential buyers. Our experience spans 3 generations and we do hard work to remain in-vogue.

Our Job includes servicing multi-national satisfied clients who have either invested in properties as a 2nd Home or purely for investment purposes. The main point is to create ‘Value’. If not for creating value, we need not renovate. But, how do we create value in our properties? JONFACTORY.COM will help you.

A lot of the times, you have a great design idea in your mind and you will hire someone to fulfill your ideas, but How many of you have been disappointed before ? What you had conceptualise did not materialize ?

( Attention to details ) is your Answer ! You need the right person-in-charge who believes in details and performs Magic compared to all the others.

The other thing is TIME. Who has the time to manage people in particular trades people properly and make sure they deliver the standards that are higher? Please do not waste your time, let someone else take care of it whilst you concentrate on the business you earn most of your money from.

Have beautiful design ideas that need someone to make it real? Please do yourself a favor and contact www.JONFACTORY.COM to save you the hassles and headaches. Give us the Concept and we will make it REAL for you (exactly the way you want to see it).